About Us  

Coldwell Banker Commercial Kivett-Teeters is dedicated to providing professional and outstanding results for our clients, but we are prepared to change and innovate as our industry requires and technology allows.
We provide our clients with in-depth real estate solutions, but ultimately it is the wisdom and experience of our people that provides the highest value.
Coldwell Banker Commercial Kivett-Teeters professionals are the most ethical and admired in the industry. We are unwilling to compromise our integrity in the way we treat our clients.
We are committed to our region. We have been an influential force in the growth and development of the Inland Empire for over 25 years.
Our team of professionals are the best at what they do. They are the lifeblood of our success now and in the future. Outstanding performance is recognized and rewarded. In return, we demand that each individual in our organization make a difference.
To us, commercial real estate brokerage is a challenging and exciting business requiring a unique blend of talent, intelligence and creative thinking. Above all, we recognize that only by working together cooperatively can we achieve the greatest success for our clients.